About Nakheal Al-Watan Factory


Nakheal Al-Watan  Group has been established At1997 in Riadh , Saudi Arabia.
Since the establishment of Nakhil Al-watan Group has been in continuous progress until the production capacity has exceeded 30thousand tons of dates packed through five independent production units in 2011 and braches chain exceeding 24 branches near to the consumer in most cities of Saudi Arabia.
Our Mission
The goal is to present the date product in creative and innovative methods continuously and to abide by quality and to be near our customer, creating an added value to him and making him satisfied with the product and the service.
Our Vision
is to realize leadership in the production and marketing of dates locally and internationally.
Nakheal Al-Watan  Group,  is considered one of the leading producers of Dates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Dates are a wonderful fruit with a best nutritional facts containing variety of Minerals, Vitamins etc, above all a perfectly Organic Food. Our Organic farming area consists of 1.5 million meter square in the province of Riyadh, producing a wide range of dates. We have a wide range of subsidiary products which includes Dates filled: Chocolate Pastries Cookies and Muffins etc.
The processing, packing and packaging is done in the highest hygiene standards within the factory which is located in The Industrial City, Riyadh. We have a specialized creative heads dedicatedly managing the process of developing the packaging according to international standards, and innovating new products, patterns and designs that promotes the hospitality of the Arabian Heritage. We are proudly serving our customers through our showrooms allocated in different location as well as 30 points of sales throughout Saudi Arabia which includes hypermarkets, airport retail shops, etc. We export our products to many countries all over the world. We have targeted prominent locations in almost all GCC counties for the year 2017.
Nakheal Al-Watan  Group, specializes in the manufacture and export of the finest quality dates sourced from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With  many years of experience in the industry, and headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Nakheal Al-Watan  Group sources and consolidates the finest date products in the region through quality control, administrative protocols, effective marketing and sales, and the facilitation and streamlining of export activities.
We strive to ensure consistency of our products which begins  with the careful selection of the finest dates around the region.  Our dates are sourced from carefully selected growers, thus allowing  us to ensure consistently high quality in the products we deliver.  We apply strict criteria’s when it comes to the origin of our dates  varieties. We source only the best quality, so we can make superior  tasting date products.
Our international dates varieties are  sourced form three geographical areas: North Africa, West Asia and  the Arabian Peninsula. Each country has its own specialties, dates  varieties and flavor profiles.
Nakheal Al-Watan  Group works together with specially selected farmers cooperatives using the same harvest and post-harvest processes. In addition to this, we have embraced state-of-the-art equipment, and have adapted to advanced agricultural techniques. Our storage capacity is one of the largest facilities in the kingdom and has a current production capacity of 80 tons per day. With these factors, we consider ourselves to be the leaders in providing dates of the highest standards of quality, and consumer satisfaction.